Salim Kara Biography


Salim Kara invented the postage payment process now known as “PC Postage” in 1993.  Through his efforts, PC Postage was accepted by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) in 1999 as a major advance in postage technology which has revolutionized the way people purchase and apply postage.  This electronic form of postage integrates with standard word processing, accounting and address management software to provide mailers access via their personal computers to the fastest and least expensive ways to mail.  At the same time, this technology provides the world’s posts with the least costly and most secure method of selling postage.  Because the technology incorporates a two-dimensional bar code it also allows the posts to more efficiently process mail.  In U.S. Postal Service fiscal year 2009, during a serious economic recession, PC Postage accounted for in excess of $1,189,000,000 in postal revenue.  A new technological advance in PC Postage, soon to be announced by Mr. Kara, will add significantly to the security and convenience of this form of postage.

Following approval by the USPS, Mr. Kara presented his concept to the world’s leading posts, many of which now include a form of PC Postage among their postage sales options. 

Taking his product to the US market, Mr. Kara participated in the formation of E-Stamp Corporation in 1993.  In 1998, he withdrew from E-Stamp Corp. which proceeded to become a publically traded corporation with capitalization exceeding $1 billion (US).  E-Stamp Corp.  subsequently sold its technology, intellectual property and trade names to (STMP-NASDAQ) which is today the largest vendor of electronic postage in the United States.

Mr. Kara then founded Kara Technology, Inc. in Houston, TX.  Kara Technology marketed secure and intelligent financial instrument solutions covered by two patents filed by Mr. Kara.

In addition to more than 90 patents (44 in the US) Mr. Kara’s innovative efforts have been recognized by:

Being selected in 1998 as the top pick for the Future 500-Upside Award for Technical             Innovation by the University of Houston.

Receiving in 2000 from the U.S. Postal Service the Retail Postage Technology Award

Also receiving in 2000 from the U.S. Postal Service an award recognizing his invention of PC Postage

In conferring the 2000 U.S. Postal Service Retail Postage Technology Award upon Mr. Kara, USPS Vice President Patricia Gibert noted that: “Salim Kara’s role at KARA Technology and his previous involvement as the founder of E-Stamp Corp. demonstrate his dedication to the advancement of PC-based postage...  His innovation and creativity have allowed the USPS to deliver better service to its wired customers and help make the USPS an Internet Brand.”

More recently, Mr. Kara filed a major patent infringement suit against asserting misappropriation of technology.  This litigation resulted in a settlement in which Kara Technology, Inc. was awarded $5.5 million (US).  A press release stated:

“On July 27, 2010, the Company entered into binding terms of a settlement agreement with Kara Technology to resolve all outstanding litigation between the parties.  Under the terms of the agreement will make a $5.1 million payment for settlement of all claims asserted in the litigation, will purchase the patents asserted in the litigation for $0.4 million, and will grant Salim Kara options on 35,000 shares of stock…”